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Indian Journal for Constitutional Studies is a peer-reviewed bi-monthly law review published with the objective of elevating and contributing to the growth of Constitutional Law in India. The journal covers the issues relating to the ambit of Constitutional Law and other areas of law through its interactions. Law has taken a new meaning with the turn of the century as more and more people become aware of their rights and start asking the right questions. Therefore, it becomes imperative for judges, lawyers and law institutes alike to continually interpret and amend the law for it to keep relevance in the rapidly changing society. When the Constitution was drafted, the framers included clauses to help amend parts of this supreme law of the land if the need arose. They did so because they understood that our nation is so culturally diverse that the need to interpret and reinterpret the constitution and in turn the rights of the citizens of this country was inevitable. Despite being the longest written Constitution in the world, with articles and schedules covering virtually every possible point of altercation that may arise, the fundamental principles laid down in Constitution have been explicated continually for the past seventy one years by judges and jurists alike to incorporate the new ideas and understanding of life, liberty and equality that our society has developed over this period of time.

Questions like “Why the Constitution of India was written so complicatedly?”, “Why do some people consider the vocabulary of the Indian Constitution difficult to interpret?”, “Are all India laws written in the Constitution of India?”, “Is it the soul reason why the Indian State as a democratic institution has survived and thrived over 64 years while postcolonial societies have stumbled and fallen?” are too often noodled around. Where some people consider that its vast coverage makes people go in a state of muddle, others say it is not that difficult but elaborate. For a country with the size and complexity of India, the Indian Constitution is a remarkably lucid and well written document. The nation is governed on the basis of this Constitution. It is identified as the supreme law in the country. In simpler terms, it helps us to create guiding framework for our nation. It focuses on fundamental rights and duties of every national, political structures, it also lays down powers and duties of government institutions and is the longest written constitution of any sovereign country in the world.

“Indian Journal for Constitutional Studies” is one such inventiveness that gives an eagle eye to the Constitutional Law of the nation. It is important that one understands the nuts and bolts of the Indian Constitution, it is also essential that one accepts the laws, recognising their principles and apprehends the fallouts if they are not served with conformity. The main ambition of this journal as a set-up is to acquaint the citizens of this country with a simple picture of why Indian Constitution is absolute and how a living document like such is being executed. It has been only after centuries that we saw a unified India. There was no sign of unifications and everything was in a state of turmoil and therefore, the Indian leaders created this document which brought equality, justice, liberty to the citizens of the country. We, as an association of advocates, researchers, scholars and students propose to the citizens of this nation to collaborate with us in our drive to brew the Constitutional Studies understandable by all in the country.

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