About The Journal

Published bimonthly in association with the members of various Schools of Law, across India, IJCS is dedicated to advancing the study of national, international and comparative constitutional law in their broader sense.

IJCS recognizes that the boundaries between the disciplines of "constitutional right", "administrative law", "international law" and their comparative variants have become osmotic. Similarly, there is no longer a distinct division between law and political science. IJCS aims such reflection and enhancement of the intellectual cross-conception.

IJCS interests include not only areas such as administrative law, constitutional law, global administrative law, but also the learning that reflects the legal and academic perception in reality; endorse to reflect the challenges of public life and governance, brews together elements of all of these fields with political theory and social sciences.

Soliciting scientific articles, research papers in international and constitutional law from scholars, judges and people from related fields, such as economics, philosophy and political science, IJCS aims to provide a critical analysis of current issues, the debates and the global trends that have immense constitutional implications.