Review Policy

Research papers for the Journal shall be subject to double blind peer review after initial screening by the editorial committee of the IJCS.

We shall be intimating you the progress on the issue after completion of the requisite process.

We strictly go by the contribution and quality research and other facts are irrelevant.

Every Research Paper shall be subjected to scrutiny and maybe disqualified subject to the following:


1. Plagiarism Check. To uphold the spirit of quality research and review Research Papers exceeding 20% plagiarism shall not be considered.


a. As per the Indian Journal of Constitutional Studies, “plagiarism” means failure to acknowledge ideas or phrases from another source.

b. Such source is not limited to published text. Acknowledgement of others’ work is expected even if the source was a discussion (whether oral or written) with another person, or use of materials on the internet.


2. Multiple submissions are not allowed: “Multiple Submission” means submitting the same, or largely the same, piece of work in more than one journal or competition, without written permission from the Publisher(s)/ Stakeholder(s) involved and or recycling of any part of a previously written piece of work whether or not published without appropriate reference to their your own prior work. Prior permission shall be required if the recycled work forms more than 5% of the new work.


3. Misrepresenting work: Misrepresenting work prepared by another as one’s own means submitting work that has been prepared by someone else (whether for payment or not) as one’s own work. This would include instances where excessive help is taken from another person such that the assessment objective and intention of the assignment/ exercise is frustrated.


Note: It is assumed that work submitted is represented as being authored by the person on whose behalf it is submitted. Falsification of work is falsifying, concocting or misrepresenting of data, statistics, or other observations/ information.


The above is inclusive and not exclusive. The final decision with respect to publication rests with IJCS and its editors solely. No objections on the same shall be entertained. Trust the above is clear.


The Journal has been applied for an ISSN, it is expected to be approved shortly.

Interested authors may kindly note that the first issue/ inaugural issue will be published with ISSN and a certificate of publication to that effect shall be awarded to the authors.